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/bun/ - Náströnd

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「God told me to skin you alive」

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shots at 1PM woooo
Ayaka is fun so far
Also the OP sounds like it's fron the same OP as K Project so that's a big plus to me
Like 3 episodes in so far
I wonder why Ayaka is so low a score, it was good fun
And an original too!

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「It's all nice, on ice」

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sasuga vip
wow wow
shota beheading

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i wonder if it would be possible to use that machine like a seedbox too
i think windows supports 9p??
plan is: having qbittorrent on windows access files on 9front machine
would be difficult because windows?
probably easiest to do via cifs (move !tcp445 to tcp445)
so long as qbittorrent
doesn't check drive size
face&LMS suicided
sad as HELL upon hearing this news

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「Last night on earth」

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top turret gunner looking pretty safe
thinking that you have to pay to be trans is such a bourgeois thing . you need to PAY to transition the right way or you're anti-trans!
GIqSnFzEx(3.9 MB,379x213) Gabriel shots Satania.gif
That goes both ways, the worst thing about being detrans, is how ostracized you become, the whole trans cult treating you like Satan incarnate.
That, and how it's a one-way path, for the big part of it.

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「Return of the bun」

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「It's all gone!」

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What happen?!
remembering when almost every anime and *chan page was created edited and protected by avery alone
just a spectacular website for bureaucracy fetishist salazarists
rori who eats the world
now this is a smart idea
rori who eats the world
oh my god
past me replied to me from yesterday
what is going on

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「Oh look」

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It's back again