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/bun/ - Náströnd

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「Return of the bun」

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vip the lgbt connoisseur
it isn’t really hard to meet other gay people
but in this case she was in my classes a lot since we were both studying the same CS track wwwww

Portugal is pretty good about LGBT stuff, and being in the city it is even easier
but I have already uh made enemies in the scene there as it is wwwwwwww
there are a couple of popular people who don’t really like me for Twitter reasons wwwwwwwwwwwwww

I will consume all the LGBTs!!!

well not the Ls
the only gay people you knew who were open about it to you anyway
You can always increase this by hanging out at gay bars or joining gay orgs or declaring yourself to the immortal sciences

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「It's all gone!」

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What happen?!
that's why it's a wiki
the point of a wiki is to let randos you've never heard of just make shit up, I mean look at wikipedia
Ah, I love Wikipedia.
I edited quite a few astrophysics articles and it's cool to see the edits still there
remembering when almost every anime and *chan page was created edited and protected by avery alone
just a spectacular website for bureaucracy fetishist salazarists
rori who eats the world
now this is a smart idea

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「Oh look」

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It's back again